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MIXED MEDIA - 2020:23


GR image from series  
GR - series
Geological ruminations
GR 1&10 (mixed media 2440mm x1220mm on board)
10 images (mixed media 1450mm x 900mm on building paper) 

Maree Horner ︎ Teresa Peters
mother~daughter exhibition
NorthArt, Tāmaki Makaurau-Auckland
May-June, 2023 
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Maree Horner ︎ Teresa Peters
mother~daughter exhibition
CAS - contemporary art space, Ngāmotu-NP
December 2022-February 2023

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Review: Art New Zealand 
Number 185/Autumn 2023, page 46

print installation - 2022

Aeonian chant 
Aeonian chant
print installation; gel, waterless lithograph & block prints on A4 sections fold out of 3 cardboard boxes (1600mmx1800mmx400mm). 10 editions each with 3 impressions. 

  Celebration - 20 years of PCANZ, group show
Aratoi Gallery, Whakaoriori-Masterton,
March-June 2023
Pandora’s box unleased all kinds of evil on humankind, however, these boxes celebrate the continuum of life and the female/male constants in nature.

Aeonian chant details

digital photographs - 2020:21

Augmented Harvest

ArtDoc Magazine - online group exhibition, June 2023

Enigma of Life
Life is full of wonders, miracles, and riddles. We all know that our rational minds are often not apt to understand the many bewildering aspects of our lives. Photography is the most direct art form to express our often-ambiguous relation to the wonders we encounter. In our online exhibition, creative photographers show their interpretation of the enigma of life.

digital photographs - 2018:20

Global reverberations I, II, III, IV 
Global reverberations

Homework 2020 - group exhibition, Taranaki artists, Puke Ariki, Ngāmotu-New Plymouth

How is the theme of Tuku iho (raising awareness of traditions that are passed down through generations) represented in your artwork?

The ubiquitous cardboard box is a found item that I often utilise with other basic objects, plus I add figurative elements, to evoke the female and/or the male and explore the relationship between gender. In global reverberations, traditions of packaging and wrapping are employed to examine concepts of containment, unity, inclusion, embracing, holding, and probe human fundamentals.