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mixed media - 2005:06  

ER-bed, case, cupboard, chair, bath, box, door


Eternal realities
bed, case, cupboard, chair, bath, box (mixed media 1300mmx1700mm), door (mixed media 1875mmx1700mm) 

Anderson Rhodes Gallery, Ngāmotu-New Plymouth, 2018 
ER-bed and cupboard

Artfull ︎

ER - PRINTSPolymer plate etchings of the Eternal realities series
Solander Gallery, Whanganui-a-Tara- Wellington, 2007
City Art Depot Gallery, Ōtautahi- Christchurch, 2007 

Review - PRESTO Art & Culture ︎

Review - DOMINION POST visual arts column, Friday March 16, 2007
Nearby in Maree Horner’s series Eternal Realities, donkey’s are posed like male photographic models in contained areas within the home: in an opened wardrobe one moment, feet on a plush chair or poised miniature in a fireplace in another. In an ongoing series of works Horner opens out for questioning the symbolism of domestic settings and gender roles with intriguing, surreal recontextualisation of stock props. The surface of the etchings is squared as if they have been unfolded, encouraging an unpacking of meaning, while the still subjects are coolly dramatised by shadows and shading.

Mark Amery