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digital photographs - 2018:2020

Baleful wave

Baleful series

Baleful landscapes

ARTDOC MAGAZINE - online exhibition, July 2020

Critical Landscapes
Landscapes are often beautiful to see and appeal to a perception of sublime. But throughout history, not all landscape photographers have had the goal of creating only aesthetic images. There has been a shift from glorifying landscapes to a critical look at the urban world. Since awareness of the pollution of the environment has arisen, a movement has emerged that practices a critical look at invisible pollution by humans. This exhibition shows work by seven photographers who are aware of human traces on the natural environment: Silvy Crespo (France, Paris), Ricardo General Núñez (La Serena, Chile), Maree Horner (Taranaki, New Zealand), Julia Abzaltdinova (Moscow, Russia), Hellen Hernández (Heredia, Costa Rica), Norberto Fernández Soriano (Bristol, United Kingdom), Aliona Londono (Valencia, Spain).

Baleful landscape Semi-finalist; landscape, HEADON photographic awards
ARTDOC MAGAZINE, online exhibition July 2020