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mixed media - 2004:05

EM-bags, box, sieves, buckets, stools,  pots, jugs, box 
Eternal measure 
(mixed media 1080mmx880mm)

exhibited – Bath Street Gallery, Auckland 2004
and City Art Depot Gallery, Christchurch 2005

Close your eyes for a moment. Now with your mind’s eye, try to capture images of some key objects in your home environment that speak volumes about the most fundamental functions of that space – be it social interaction, the unfolding of relationships, the caring for and sharing with others, the exploration of self. The domestic environment is potentially a space for some of the most challenging experiences in our entire lives. It is here we can encounter powerful emotions wrapped up in the complexities of relationships and human endeavour.The objects at the core of this intensity, those items of furniture or utensils that you might now be thinking of, are often those embroiled in the most social or the most mundane of activities: ...  the laundry buckets and everyday kitchen items. Now remove the myriad of emotions surrounding these objects. Consider them instead for their potential symbolic nature, for what they can, in turn, tell you about a world far beyond their domestic context...
... essay by Sue Gardener ︎