Furniture of the World - digital photographs 2008 - 2011

Furniture of the World – Bledisloe walkway Lightbox Project, Auckland City Council, August-November 2011

For the Bledisloe Walkway Light Boxes Maree Horner has selected five works from her Furniture of the World series. Each image combines ordinary containers with an imaginary pound of flesh.

The belly buttons, with their portions of human flesh, stir up primal connections. The everyday containers can be seen as a sort of secondary womb, suggesting that we learn and express thoughts and feelings under the influence of our domestic and family structures.

There is also something disturbing and visceral in the way the flesh is cut to fit the bucket, case, basket, box and bin. The underlying sense of surgical relocation in each work, while maybe evoking horror stories, more aptly serves to indicate the effective break that occurs between events in real life and the creation of works of art.

SUMMONING THE SURREAL – Taranaki Daily News, 12 April 2008

Art plugs us into an upside-down realm. This “art realm” helps us understand reality from a perspective that brings the shadows of culture to life. In other words art has the ability to re-image life in a way that reveals thoughts that would otherwise be hidden and suppressed due to societal conventions. One particular art movement that became rather successful at this was Surrealism which started in the 1920s. Informed by the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud the surrealists aimed to unlock the doors of the subconscious.

Bruce E Phllips – review